Language courses in groups

Why choose language courses in groups rather than a private lesson?

Language courses in groups (maximum 10 students) have the advantage of a dynamic and user-friendly training where each lesson is a moment of sharing.

It is more motivating to go to a regular appointment where you have the opportunity to be in contact with people who share your interests (we try to group together people with same cultural and language origins).

If isolation is a problem for you while learning a foreign language, therefore language courses in groups may suit you.

For each language, classes are open to bests adjust to your schedule. These courses will be given in groups of maximum 10 students.

The course takes place in our training centre 30 cours Lieutaud 13001 Marseille

I want to…

Language courses in groups: French as a Foreign Language  

learn English, Chinese, Spanish and Greek.

How can I fund my courses?

Our training courses are eligible to the DIF (Droit Individuel à la Formation) or CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation). (Government support)

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